Who we are

We are a family run business based in London. As working parents, as soon as we knew we would be starting a family we began the journey into childcare. What we thought would be a difficult sourcing exercise turned into an emotional roller coaster of miss-matches and false starts. At the time when you need the most help, and feel the most vulnerable is when you know the least about the type of help that will fulfil your needs best. Out of our frustration, and eventual leanings, CareLikeMe was born, a way to help families and carers get it right every time you need a little, or a lot, of help.

Daniel spent many years working in private and estate nurseries as an Art Teacher specialising in clay for children before making the move to London. After Law School he pursued a MA in Marketing from Regent College and an MSc of Planning & Property from University College London.

Lexie before ‘growing up’ and developing a 12 year career in Digital, Lexie spent time babysitting, as a private math tutor, as a volunteer tutor in Children’s Village, a home for children in need, and a children’s guide at The Museum of Fine Arts, Rhode Island. Lexie holds a degree in Art History and an MBA from the International University of Southern Europe. She specialised in developing start-up business

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