guide for parents

Background Checks

  • We strongly recommend parents to request for an Enhanced Disclosure Background Check. One of its prime purposes is to protect what are termed vulnerable children.

    The Enhanced Disclosure that is the most appropriate to caregivers working with children. This is the highest level of access to information and, in addition to providing details of a person’s criminal records, it also includes a check on local police records as well as information that is held by the Department of Health and Department of Education and Skills.

    Childcare Tax Service

  • When you employ a nanny in the UK, as domestic employers you have the same legal responsibilities as commercial employers. Many parents have little or no experience as employers and the prospect of having to deal with both complex and time-consuming payroll and other legal obligations can be a source of great concern. If you use an accountant can be expensive and do not declaring employment is a criminal offence.
  • We act as your agent and do everything for you, from setting up a nanny PAYE scheme and calculating the correct tax and National Insurance payments, to making sure your nanny's payslips are accurate. Our CareLikeMe Nanny Tax Fee is only £75.

    Nanny Interviewing Tips

  • 1. Experience - numbers of children / ages of children
  • 2. What are your qualifications
  • 3. What do they find most rewarding about being a nanny?
  • 4. What do they find most difficult about being a nanny?
  • 5. How do manage stress in your life?
  • 6. How would they organise your child’s day?
  • 7. What is their attitude to key issues like sleep, potty training, discipline and diet
  • 8. How will they spend off duty time if living in?
  • 9. Do you still in touch with previous families that you worked before?

  • Au Pairs Interviewing Tips

  • 1. Define very well your family requirements and expectations
  • 2. Define if the au pair should have excellent English skills
  • 3. Will the au pair be expected to cook for your children?
  • 4. What are the motivations for choosing this sort of profession?
  • 5. Ask about past experience with similar age groups
  • 6. The reasons for leaving the previous place of employment?
  • 7. Future plans, other responsibilities which may affect the job
  • 8. Ask your nanny for at least three references and contact every single one of them
  • 9. Tell the candidate that you are going to do a background check