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  • At CareLikeMe our aim is to make finding a caregiver as easy and stress-free as possible

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  • • Consultation to assess your particular care needs
  • • CareLikeMe conducts search, and screens care givers that suit better your needs
  • • We present screened candidates for you to consider for an interview
  • • Second interview with the candidate of your choice
  • • Candidate's reference check
  • • We help you to set a contract between you and carer
  • • Follow up just to make sure that you are happy after

  • Additional Family Services

  • We offer background checks, nanny tax services, and personality and risk assessments.

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  • Benefits of our Agency Service

  • • Interviewing all the caregivers for you
  • • Screaming and selecting the candidates following your requirements
  • • We will guide you with the employment process and Extend an Offer
  • • Executing Enhance Background Checks for your candidate
  • • Implementing our Carer Test for personality assessment and risk assessment
  • • Advising you on caregiver taxes

  • After we interviewed the candidates for your family, we will spend some time discussing the pros and cons of each one. We won't rush you to make a decision and we will send you three initial candidates to choose from. We usually find that our clients have no problem choosing from one of the three. If additional candidates are needed, we will send you three more at no extra charge. CareLikeMe take charge of all the hiring process for you.

    Selection of Carers

    Au Pair:

    Minimum or no childcare experience, with Basic English. They come mainly from EU countries and come to UK to learn English; they learn about British culture from the host family and share their own culture with them. Au pairs work around of 35 hours a week. It would be mainly live in and you will provide full board accommodation plus food.


    This is a person with some form of childcare qualification or relevant experience, at least 1 year is our which quips them to provide a stimulating, safe and positive learning environment in which your children can develop. Nannies should have very good level of English. Standard working week would be around 50 hours, can be live in or live out nanny.

    Maternity Nurse:

    Offers practical help and guidance on breastfeeding and setting baby into a routine. They are not medically qualified but are on call 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. It's best to book them before the baby arrives. They are usually no tax/NIC liability, as they are self-employed.


    Occasional carer who arrives at your house mainly in the evening hours and cares for your children while you’re away. Thy can have to some experience but not qualifications. Legally should be more than 16th years old.

    Carer for Special Needs Children:

    This is a compassionate or experienced professional working alongside the family, who is skilled in interacting with children who have special needs. In order to cater to your family’s specific needs we provide special needs caregivers: full time or part time child care and evening babysitting services.

    Qualifications when evaluating candidates, up to the client:

  • • Degrees & Qualifications
  • • Direct One-On-One Experience - We also look for candidates who have direct experience working one-on-one with children who have special needs
  • • Specialized Training - This can include ABA training for children with autism, behavioural intervention training, non-violent crisis prevention intervention training, American Sign Language, and other general behavioural and therapeutic strategies
  • • Life Experience - It is also important to us (and our clients) that candidates have some life experience
  • • Passion and authentic sensitivity to the requirements of special needs children
  • • Good level of English since children has speech difficulties