Guide for Childcarers

How do I register and create my profile

  • 1. Click at “Join for Free” in the Home Page top menu
  • 2. Fill the registration form
  • 3. In the Profile Info: specified if you are a nanny, au pair, babysitter or maternity nurse do no click on family because you will won’t be able to publish your profile
  • 4. Upload Picture: you will have 4 times more success if you add your picture for the parents have a look
  • 5. Describe yourself, all your experience with children and why are you the best for this job: This is the most important question where you should explainvery well all you background working with children and why you could be better that other candidates
  • 6. CareLikeMe will activate your profile in less than 24 hours

  • Qualifications

    Child First Aid for Baby and Child

    It is strongly recommended to take this curse if you are going to work with children. This course is designed to teach you a range of first aid skills to cope with emergency situations for babies and children 0-puberty. The course is perfect for carers of babies of young children. This course is fully certified by the British Red Cross and the cost is around £60 in London, for more information you can check the Link Page at the bottom menu.

    Background Check

    This certificate will increase dramatically your option of getting a job. You can understand that a key factors for the parents is trust and safety. The most accurate and specialized way to reassure the parents is taking an Enhance Background Check. For more information you can get in touch with us at Contact Us at the bottom menu to get your certificate for £75.

    OFSTED Registered

    Another main qualification gets hold if you want to work in childcare in United Kingdom. Parents get government reassurance if you qualified to be register with the Ofsted.

  • The Ofsted voluntary register is in place to ensure that children and young people are cared for in a safe environment. It allows providers who do not need to register to register by choice. These include providers who provide care in the child’s own home (these may be nannies and au pairs)

  • The benefits of registering on the voluntary register:

  • • If you are registered on the voluntary part of the childcare register, parents will know that you have met the basic standards in place to safeguard children
  • • enable parents to get help with the cost of childcare with your registration claiming from Working Tax Credit and employer-supported schemes

  • Costs of registration

  • The current cost to be on the voluntary register is £100 for people providing care in the child’s home, and £110 (plus costs of a CRB check) for other childcare on domestic or non-domestic premises. The registration will be subject to an annual fee and continued ability to meet the requirements.

  • How do I register?

  • To be on the OFSTED voluntary register, you may do this by registering online. The process takes about 12 weeks and you will need to supply personal information, sign a declaration that you can meet the requirements and give evidence of a valid first aid certificate. The next stage would be to take the necessary documents, including a completed Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) application forms, to the post office for checking. A certificate of registration will be issued once all the checks are completed. For information, please visit or call 08456 404040.

    Interviewing Tips:

  • • Have your CV available for the interview
  • • Be on time for the interview or be ready for video phone appointment
  • • You should ask the parents exactly what they expect of you as a nanny
  • • Do they expect you to do housework, if so, how much and how often?
  • • Interact with the children
  • • When disciplining a child, what method does the parent use?
  • • Ask questions about the children you are going to be caring for, their ages, their interests and any important medical information

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